Fife Loans (Author) as at 2022-01-13

By Title

Author Title Date Borrowed
Adams, Max, 1961- In the land of giants : journeys through the Dark Ages 20-Aug-2020
Adkins, Roy (Roy A.) Eavesdropping on Jane Austen's England : how our ancestors lived two centuri 12-Aug-2021
Aitken, Ben A chip shop in Poznan´ : my unlikely year in Poland 13-Feb-2020
Aldrin, Buzz Magnificent desolation : the long journey home from the moon 03-Jan-2022
Andersen, Stewart Wild thyme in Ibiza 07-Oct-2018
Anthony, Lawrence The elephant whisperer : learning about life, loyalty and freedom from a rem 18-Jun-2016
Armitage, Simon, 1963- Walking away : further travels with a troubadour on the South West Coast Pat 13-Aug-2016
Arnaldur Indriðason, 1961- Jar city 27-May-2021
Arnaldur Indriðason, 1961- The draining lake 05-Mar-2021
Atkins, William The immeasurable world : journeys in desert places 15-Mar-2019
Atkins, William The moor : a journey into the English wilderness 04-Jul-2015
Backshall, Stephen Looking for adventure 25-Mar-2017
Baddiel, Ivor Not the Highway Code : the unofficial rules of the road 27-May-2018
Balch, Oliver Under the tump : sketches of real life on the Welsh Borders 22-Dec-2019
Ball, Johnny Wonders beyond numbers : a brief history of all things mathematical 06-Apr-2019
Bannister, Jo Closer still 19-Nov-2020
Bannister, Jo Fathers and sins 29-Mar-2021
Bannister, Jo Silent footsteps 08-Oct-2020
Beard, Elspeth Lone rider : the first British woman to motorcycle around the world 23-Jun-2018
Beckett, Chris, 1955- America city 15-Jul-2020
Beckett, Chris, 1955- Daughter of Eden 20-Aug-2020
Bee, Ishbelle The singular and extraordinary tale of Mirror & Goliath : from the peculiar 07-Dec-2020
Bennett, James Burning ashes 15-Jul-2020
Bewes, Diccon, 1967- Slow train to Switzerland : one tour, two trips, 150 years - and a world of 13-Jul-2019
Bewes, Diccon, 1967- Swiss watching : inside the land of milk and money 13-Jul-2019
Boffard, Rob Zero-G 05-Aug-2020
Bolingbroke-Kent, Antonia A short ride in the jungle : the Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorcycle 10-Dec-2016
Bonesteel, Elizabeth The cold between 15-Sept-2017
Bonnett, Alastair, 1964- Off the map : lost spaces, invisible cities, forgotten islands, feral places 19-Mar-2016
Bown, Stephen R.,, author. Island of the blue foxes : : disaster and triumph on the world's greatest sc 30-Aug-2021
Boyter, Gavin Downhill from here : running from John O'Groats to Land's End 17-Nov-2020
Boyter, Gavin Downhill from here : running from John O'Groats to Land's End 28-Dec-2017
Brackett, Leigh The long tomorrow 08-Jul-2017
Bragg, Rick Jerry Lee Lewis : his own story 05-Mar-2021
Bragg, Rick Jerry Lee Lewis : his own story 05-Mar-2021
Brookes, Adam Night heron 22-Jun-2019
Brookes, Adam Spy games 29-Jun-2019
Brookes, Adam The spy's daughter 08-Jun-2019
Brown, Gordon Fife : a history from earliest times to the present day 05-Aug-2020
Bryson, Bill One summer : America 1927 28-May-2016
Bryson, Bill The body : a guide for occupants 14-Mar-2020
Bryson, Bill The road to Little Dribbling : more notes from a small island 14-May-2016
Buettner, Robert My enemy's enemy 07-Dec-2020
Bunting, Madeleine Love of country : a Hebridean journey 15-Dec-2018
Bythell, Shaun Confessions of a bookseller 02-Jul-2021
Castle, Malcolm All fired up : tales of a country fireman 14-Dec-2019
Castle, Malcolm Going to blazes : further tales of a country fireman 16-Apr-2016
Castle, Malcolm Great bales of fire : more tales of a country fireman 26-Feb-2015
Chalton, Nicola The great scientists in bite-sized chunks 12-Nov-2016
Chambers, Becky The long way to a small, angry planet 01-Jul-2017
Chapman, Jim 147 things : my user's guide to the universe, from black holes to bellybutto 11-Dec-2021
Chesshyre, Tom Ticket to ride : around the world on 49 unusual train journeys 12-Aug-2021
Cholawo, Anne Island on the edge : a life on Soay 14-Sept-2020
Clare, Horatio, 1973- Down to the sea in ships : of ageless oceans and modern men 09-May-2015
Clayton, Sandra A thousand miles from anywhere 03-Jan-2022
Clements, Jonathan, 1971- A brief history of Japan : Samurai, sho¯gun and zen : the extraordinary stor 30-Oct-2021
Cloake, Felicity One more croissant for the road 13-Oct-2019
Cohen-Hatton, Sabrina The heat of the moment : life and death decision-making from a firefighter / 30-Dec-2019
Conlin, Jonathan Tales of two cities : Paris, London and the birth of the modern city 12-Aug-2021
Connelly, Michael, 1956- The drop 18-Nov-2018
Cooper, Sarah 100 tricks to appear smart in meetings : how to get by without even trying / 06-Oct-2018
Cope, Tim, 1978- On the trail of Genghis Khan : an epic journey through the land of the nomad 17-Jan-2015
Coren, Alan, 1938-2007 69 for 1 01-Jun-2019
Cox, Edward The watcher of dead time 20-Aug-2020
Crofton, Ian Walking the border : a journey between Scotland and England 16-Jan-2016
Crofts, Freeman Wills, 1879-1957 Inspector French and the Cheyne mystery 03-Apr-2018
Crofts, Freeman Wills, 1879-1957 Inspector French's greatest case 25-Mar-2018
Crystal, David, 1941- Making a point : the pernickety story of English punctuation 11-Dec-2021
Culme-Seymour, Tilly, 1981- Island summers : memories of a Norwegian childhood 25-Oct-2014
Cumming, Charles The man between 18-Nov-2018
Cumming, Charles, 1971- A colder war 20-Nov-2017
Cumming, Charles, 1971- A foreign country 28-Oct-2017
Cumming, Charles, 1971- A spy by nature 20-Nov-2017
Cumming, Charles, 1971- Box 88 29-Mar-2021
Cumming, Charles, 1971- Judas 62 22-Dec-2021
Cumming, Charles, 1971- The Spanish game 08-Nov-2017
Cumming, Charles, 1971- The Trinity Six 08-Nov-2017
Cumming, Charles, 1971- The hidden man 09-Dec-2017
Cumming, Charles, 1971- Typhoon 16-Dec-2017
Cussler, Clive The assassin 11-Jun-2021
Cussler, Clive The chase 27-May-2021
Cussler, Clive The cutthroat 19-Dec-2020
Cussler, Clive The oracle 28-Jun-2021
Cussler, Clive The race 15-Jul-2021
Cussler, Clive The rising sea 25-Mar-2021
Cussler, Clive The striker 09-Jul-2021
Cussler, Clive The thief 22-Jun-2021
Davis, Lindsey A body in the bath house 24-Nov-2018
Davis, Lindsey A capitol death 22-Jun-2019
Davis, Lindsey A comedy of terrors 19-Oct-2021
Davis, Lindsey Deadly election 03-Jun-2018
Davis, Lindsey Enemies at home 27-May-2018
Davis, Lindsey Last act in Palmyra 03-Feb-2018
Davis, Lindsey Master and God 23-Aug-2018
Davis, Lindsey Nemesis 30-Jun-2018
Davis, Lindsey Ode to a banker 09-Jun-2018
Davis, Lindsey Pandora's boy 28-Jul-2018
Davis, Lindsey Saturnalia 31-Mar-2018
Davis, Lindsey Scandal takes a holiday 30-Aug-2021
Davis, Lindsey See Delphi and die 27-Jan-2018
Davis, Lindsey Shadows in bronze 10-Mar-2018
Davis, Lindsey The accusers 27-Sept-2021
Davis, Lindsey The graveyard of the Hesperides 03-Jun-2018
Davis, Lindsey The grove of the Caesars 09-Sept-2021
Davis, Lindsey The ides of April 17-Feb-2018
Davis, Lindsey The silver pigs 14-Apr-2018
Davis, Lindsey The third Nero, or, Never say Nero again 17-Jun-2018
Davis, Lindsey Three hands in the fountain 28-Apr-2018
Davis, Lindsey Two for the lions 04-Aug-2018
Davis, Wade One river : explorations and discoveries in the Amazon rainforest 05-Mar-2016
Deary, Terry Dangerous days in the Roman Empire : a history of the terrors and the tormen 24-Oct-2015
Dimbleby, David How we built Britain 13-Jan-2018
Don, Monty The road to Le Tholonet : a French garden journey 12-Sept-2015
Downing, Taylor Churchill's war lab : code-breakers, boffins and innovators : the mavericks 16-Apr-2016
Dummer, John Serge bastarde ate my baguette : on the road in the real rural France 25-Oct-2014
East, George, 1944- French kisses : love, life and disaster in Normandy 16-Jan-2016
Ecott, Tim The land of maybe : a Faroe Islands year 01-Sept-2021
Ede, Piers Moore Kaleidoscope City : a year in Varanasi 09-Jul-2016
Egypt..., Egypt : through writers' eyes 04-Feb-2017
Elborough, Travis A traveller's year : 365 days of travel writing in diaries, journals and let 06-Oct-2018
Elton, Ben Gridlock 07-Dec-2020
Emmerson, Charles 1913 : the world before the Great War 09-Jul-2016
Enfield, Edward, 1929- Freewheeling through Ireland : Enfield pedals the West Coast 21-Nov-2015
Evans, Polly Mad dogs and an Englishwoman 07-Jan-2017
Evans, Richard, 1964- Kosmonaut zero 22-Oct-2020
Fagan, Brian M. Beyond the blue horizon : how the earliest mariners unlocked the secrets of 09-May-2015
Farrell, Nigel A place in France : an Indian summer 25-Oct-2014
Fermor, Patrick Leigh The broken road : from the Iron Gates to Mount Athos 03-Sept-2016
Finlay, Mick Arrowood 05-Jan-2019
Finlay, Mick The murder pit 02-Feb-2019
Finlay, Victoria Colour : travels through the paintbox 02-Aug-2019
Forsthoefel, Andrew Walking to listen : 4,000 miles across America, one story at a time 01-Feb-2020
Fort, Tom Channel shore : from the White Cliffs to Land's End 05-Jan-2019
Fort, Tom Channel shore : from the White Cliffs to Land's End 30-Oct-2021
Foyle, Naomi Astra 19-Jul-2017
Francis, Gavin Empire Antarctica : ice, silence & emperor penguins 04-Aug-2019
Fremantle, Tom The moonshine mule : a 2,700-mile walk from Mexico to Manhattan 14-Feb-2015
Front, Rebecca Curious : true stories and everyday absurdities 10-Oct-2015
Frost, Jon Anything to declare? 12-Nov-2021
Gardner, Erle Stanley, 1889-1970 The case of the perjured parrot 30-Sept-2021
Gardner, Erle Stanley, 1889-1970 The case of the screaming woman 26-Jan-2019
Garrod, Pat Bearback : the world overland 20-Dec-2014
Germain, Richard Death by chili sauce 02-Apr-2016
Gimlette, John, 1963- Elephant complex 28-Jul-2018
Grafton, Sue A is for alibi 28-Apr-2018
Grafton, Sue B is for burglar 12-May-2018
Grafton, Sue C is for corpse 24-Feb-2018
Grafton, Sue D is for deadbeat 09-Jun-2018
Grafton, Sue H is for homicide 12-Jul-2018
Grafton, Sue I is for innocent 11-Aug-2018
Grafton, Sue J is for judgment 13-Sept-2018
Grafton, Sue K is for killer 07-Feb-2019
Grafton, Sue L is for lawless 27-Oct-2018
Grafton, Sue N is for Noose 10-Nov-2018
Grafton, Sue O is for Outlaw 21-Feb-2019
Grafton, Sue P is for peril 03-Nov-2018
Grafton, Sue Q is for quarry 10-Nov-2018
Grafton, Sue R is for ricochet 15-Dec-2018
Grafton, Sue S is for silence 21-Feb-2019
Grafton, Sue T is for trespass 01-Jul-2018
Grafton, Sue U is for undertow 07-Feb-2019
Grafton, Sue V is for vengeance 19-Apr-2019
Grafton, Sue W is for wasted 22-Mar-2019
Grafton, Sue X 27-Apr-2019
Gray, Alex Still dark 06-Apr-2019
Gray, Alex The Swedish girl 15-Mar-2019
Gray, Alex The riverman 11-May-2019
Greenfield, Rob Dude making a difference : bamboo bikes, dumpster dives and other extreme ad 06-Mar-2020
Groen, Hendrik On the bright side : the new secret diary of Hendrik Groen, 85 years old 26-Jan-2019
Groen, Hendrik The secret diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 years old 07-Feb-2019
Guevara, Ernesto, 1928-1967 The Motorcycle diaries : notes on a latin american journey 08-Oct-2020
Guise, Richard, 1951- From the mull to the cape : a gentle bike ride on the edge of wilderness 19-Dec-2015
Guise, Richard, 1951- Over the hill and round the bend : misadventures on a bike in Wales 21-Nov-2015
Hall, Christina The road to Glen Spean 30-Aug-2021
Hanson, Michele Absolutely barking : adventures in dog ownership 09-Nov-2019
Hatch, Ben Road to Rouen : a 10,000-mile journey in a cheese-filled Passat 03-Jan-2022
Hawes, Annie Ripe for the picking 12-Sept-2015
Hawks, Tony A piano in the Pyrenees 11-Oct-2018
Hawks, Tony Once upon a time in the West ... Country 27-Oct-2018
Haycock, David Boyd, 1968- I am Spain : the Spanish Civil War and the men and women who went to fight f 07-Dec-2020
Haynes, Natalie The ancient guide to modern life 27-May-2017
Hensher, Philip The Penguin book of the contemporary British short story 18-Nov-2018
Higgins, Charlotte, 1972- Under another sky : journeys in Roman Britain 09-Oct-2021
Hodgkinson, Nicola Life with the lid off 20-Dec-2014
Hood, Jane How to win a Roman chariot race : lives, legends and treasures from the anci 17-Mar-2018
Hough, Jason M. The Darwin elevator 03-Aug-2017
Hough, Jason M. The exodus towers 28-Sept-2017
Howey, Hugh Sand 15-Jul-2020
Hoyland, Graham Walking through spring : an English journey 13-Oct-2019
Humphreys, Neil Final notes from a great island : a farewell tour of Singapore 07-Oct-2018
Hunt, Tristram, 1974- Ten cities that made an empire 05-Mar-2021
Hutchinson, David, 1960- Europe at midnight 22-Jul-2017
Hutchinson, David, 1960- Europe in autumn 03-Aug-2017
Hylton, Stuart What the railways did for us 25-Nov-2021
Ivy, Alexandra You will suffer 05-Mar-2021
Jayawardhana, Ray The neutrino hunters : the chase for the ghost particle and the secrets of t 20-Aug-2020
Jenkins, David The ten-letter countries : more zany adventures of the alphabet traveller / 12-Dec-2015
Jones, Philip Gwynne, 1966- The Venetian game 29-Mar-2021
Jones, Philip Gwynne, 1966- The Venetian masquerade 07-Dec-2020
Kassabova, Kapka To the lake : a Balkan journey of war and peace 11-Aug-2021
Keenan, Brian, 1950- Between extremes 19-Aug-2017
Kerr, Peter, 1940- From paella to porridge : a farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish adventure / 19-Mar-2016
King, Simon, 1962- Shetland diaries : otters, orcas, puffins and wonderful people 01-Sept-2018
Lamont-Brown, Raymond, 1939- Fife in history and legend 15-Apr-2017
Leather, Stephen Last man standing 19-Dec-2020
Lebbon, Tim Echo City 30-Sept-2017
Lilwall, Rob Cycling home from Siberia 21-Jan-2017
Liu, Cixin The dark forest 27-Jul-2017
Liu, Cixin The three-body problem 01-Jul-2017
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- Horizon 19-Oct-2021
Lord, Karen, 1968- The galaxy game 22-Jul-2017
Luard, Elisabeth Squirrel pie 28-Nov-2019
MacLean, Rory, 1954- Under the dragon : a journey through Burma 10-May-2021
MacLeod, Ken The star fraction 20-Jan-2018
MacMillan, Margaret, 1943- History's people : personalities and the past 03-Mar-2017
Macdonald, Helen, 1970- H is for hawk 15-Jul-2020
Macdonald, Helen, 1970- H is for hawk 30-Jan-2016
Mackay, Malcolm How a gunman says goodbye 25-Mar-2021
Mackay, Malcolm The necessary death of Lewis Winter 25-Mar-2021
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- A line of forgotten blood 05-Mar-2021
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- Every night I dream of hell 08-May-2021
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- For those who know the ending 11-Jun-2021
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- In the cage where your saviours hide 25-Mar-2021
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- The night the rich men burned 11-Jun-2021
Mackintosh-Smith, Tim, 1961- Yemen : travels in dictionary land 27-May-2017
Mak, Geert In America : travels with John Steinbeck 08-May-2021
Malby-Anthony, Franc¸oise An elephant in my kitchen : what the herd taught me about love, courage and 15-Jul-2020
Marston, Edward Deeds of darkness 30-Aug-2021
Marston, Edward Points of danger 30-Aug-2021
Marston, Edward Railway to the grave 20-Aug-2021
Marston, Edward The excursion train 16-Dec-2021
Marston, Edward The painted lady 16-Dec-2021
Marston, Edward The railway detective 16-Sept-2021
Marston, Edward The railway viaduct 20-Aug-2021
Marston, Edward The silver locomotive mystery 30-Jul-2021
Martin, Andrew, 1962- Belles & whistles : five journeys through time on Britain's trains 08-Oct-2020
Martin, Andrew, 1962- Night train to Jamalpur 24-Nov-2020
Martin, Andrew, 1962- Soot 11-Jun-2021
Martin, Andrew, 1962- The Baghdad railway club 10-May-2021
Martin, Andrew, 1962- The last train to Scarborough 02-Jul-2021
Martin, Andrew, 1962- The martian girl : a London mystery 09-Jul-2021
Martin, Andrew, 1962- The yellow diamond 23-Dec-2020
Mason, Zachary, 1974- Void star 15-Sept-2017
Matthews, Jason, 1951- Palace of treason 29-Mar-2021
Matthews, Jason, 1951- The Kremlin's candidate 29-Apr-2021
Matthews, Peter, 1929- SIGINT : the secret history of signals intelligence in the World Wars 14-Sept-2020
Maufe, Jane The frozen frontier : Polar Bound through the Northwest Passage 05-Mar-2021
Maufe, Jane The frozen frontier : Polar Bound through the Northwest Passage 22-Oct-2020
Maxwell, Gordon S. The Romans in Scotland 22-Oct-2020
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- The second worst restaurant in France 22-Oct-2020
McCarron, Leon The road headed west : a cycling adventure through North America 29-Apr-2021
McCarthy, Rob The hollow men 05-Mar-2018
McCloud, Kevin Kevin McCloud's grand tour of Europe 05-Mar-2016
McDermid, Val Hostage to murder 04-May-2019
McDermid, Val Star struck 19-May-2018
McKean, Charles Battle for the North : the Tay and Forth Bridges and the 19th-century railwa 06-Feb-2016
McKie, David, 1935- Riding route 94 : an accidental journey through the story of Britain 11-Nov-2017
Meaney, John Transmission 19-Dec-2020
Mie´ville, China Embassytown 11-Jun-2021
Mie´ville, China Railsea 23-Sept-2017
Mishra, Pankaj Butter chicken in Ludhiana : travels in small town India 03-Sept-2016
Mitchell, David, 1974- Thinking about it only makes it worse and other lessons from modern life 07-Nov-2021
Mole, John, 1945- It's all Greek to me! : ruins, retsina, a mad dog... and an Englishman 07-Dec-2020
Mole, John, 1945- It's all Greek to me! : ruins, retsina, a mad dog... and an Englishman 30-Sept-2016
Moore, Ian A´ la mod : my so-called tranquil family life in rural France 10-Jun-2017
Moore, Ian C'est modnifique! : adventures of an English grump in rural France 22-Jun-2017
Moore, Tim The cyclist who went out in the cold : adventures along the Iron Curtail tra 08-Sept-2018
Moore, Tim, 1964- Another fine mess : across Trumpland in a Ford Model T 04-Jan-2020
Moore, Tim, 1964- Continental drifter : taking the low road with the first grand tourist 14-Jan-2020
Moore, Tim, 1964- Frost on my moustache : the Arctic exploits of a lord and a loafer 10-Dec-2016
Moore, Tim, 1964- Gironimo! : riding the very terrible 1914 Tour of Italy 14-Jan-2020
Morden, Simon Down station 08-Jul-2017
Morden, Simon Equations of life 01-Jul-2017
Morden, Simon The white city 03-Aug-2017
Morgan, Ann Reading the world : confessions of a literary explorer 30-Oct-2021
Morland, Miles Cobra in the bath : adventures in less travelled lands 03-Mar-2019
Mortenson, Greg Three cups of tea 15-Jun-2016
Mulliner, Tim Long ride for a pie 12-Dec-2015
Mustoe, Anne Lone traveller : one woman, two wheels and the world 21-Nov-2015
Mustoe, Anne, 1933- Two wheels in the dust : from Kathmandu to Kandy 05-Jan-2019
Newman, Emma, 1976- Atlas alone 14-Nov-2020
Ochyra, Helen Scotland beyond the bagpipes 19-Oct-2021
Ohlsson, Kristina, 1979- The lies we tell 05-Mar-2021
Oliver, Neil, 1967- A history of ancient Britain 19-Dec-2020
Oliver, Neil, 1967- Vikings : (A History) 14-Nov-2020
Osborne, Charles, 1927- Black coffee 06-Jan-2018
Oswald, James The gathering dark 30-Sept-2021
Oswald, James Written in bones 09-Oct-2021
Owen, Amanda Adventures of the Yorkshire shepherdess 12-Aug-2021
Oxenreider, Tsh, 1977- At home in the world : reflections on belonging while wandering the globe : 09-Oct-2021
Papadimitriou, Nick Scarp 22-Dec-2019
Paris, Philip Orkney's Italian chapel : the true story of an icon 14-Sept-2020
Parker, Joanne, 1974- Britannia obscura : mapping Britain's hidden landscapes 09-Oct-2021
Parker, Mike, 1966- Map addict : a tale of obsession, fudge & the Ordnance Survey 14-Oct-2015
Parks, Tim Italian ways : on and off the rails from Milan to Palermo 12-Nov-2016
Paterniti, Michael The telling room : passion, revenge and life in a Spanish village 10-Dec-2016
Pearce, Michael, 1933- A dead man in Athens 01-Dec-2018
Pearce, Michael, 1933- A dead man in Istanbul 03-Nov-2018
Pearce, Michael, 1933- A dead man in Tangier 20-Oct-2018
Pearce, Michael, 1933- A dead man in Trieste 11-Oct-2018
Pearce, Michael, 1933- The mouth of the crocodile 08-Sept-2018
Pearce, Michael, 1933- The women of the Souk 29-Sept-2018
Perelman, S. J. (Sidney Joseph), 1904-1979 Most of S J Perelman : The Definitive Collection 01-Jun-2019
Perkins, Sue, 1969- East of Croydon : (Blunderings through India and South East Asia) 11-Dec-2021
Perry, Anne A New York Christmas 25-Nov-2021
Perry, Anne Midnight at Marble Arch 11-Dec-2021
Pretor-Pinney, Gavin The wavewatcher's companion 15-Apr-2017
ROBERTSON, Martha Quiet life 15-Jun-2016
Reynolds, Alastair, 1966- Blue remembered Earth 08-Oct-2020
Reynolds, Alastair, 1966- Shadow captain 19-Dec-2020
Roberts, Adam (Adam Charles) Jack Glass : a golden age story 10-May-2021
Roberts, Adam (Adam Charles) The real-town murders 28-May-2021
Robertson, Al Crashing heaven 25-Mar-2021
Robinson, Kim Stanley Aurora 14-Sept-2020
Robson, Eric The border line 12-Jan-2020
Seed, Andy All teachers bright and beautiful 24-Oct-2015
Seed, Andy All teachers wise and wonderful : a further memoir of lessons and life in th 31-Oct-2015
Sennen, Mark : Cut dead : 25-Mar-2021
Sergeant, John, 1944- Barging round Britain : exploring the history of our nation's canals and wat 29-Feb-2020
Sheffield, Jack, 1945- Please Sir! : the alternative school logbook 1981-1982 16-Jul-2016
Shenker, Jack The Egyptians : a radical story 11-Jun-2021
Shore, Robert Bang in the middle : a journey through the Midlands - the most underrated pl 14-Oct-2015
Silverberg, Robert Downward to the Earth 15-Jul-2017
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 A Maigret Christmas 30-May-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 Lock no. 1 03-Oct-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 Maigret 22-Jun-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 Maigret's enjoys himself 02-Nov-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 Mr. Hire's engagement 07-Feb-2020
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 The Flemish shop 17-Aug-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 The Grand Banks Cafe 30-Dec-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 The Misty Harbour 14-Sept-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 The Saint-Fiacre affair 29-Feb-2020
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 The bar on the Seine 19-Oct-2019
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989 The blue room 20-Jul-2019
Simpson, Eric Dunfermline through time 28-Jun-2021
Simpson, Eric Inverkeithing and Dalgety in Old Picture Postcards 21-Nov-2015
Simpson, Eric Inverkeithing and Dalgety in Old Picture Postcards: 21-Nov-2015
Smith, Brad J. Hearts of stone 07-Dec-2020
Smith, Chris, 1975- The naked scientist : the science of everyday life laid bare 15-Jul-2020
Smith, Will Mainlander 17-Mar-2018
Somerville, Christopher The golden step : a walk through the heart of Crete 30-Dec-2017
Southern, Pat, 1948- Hadrian's Wall : everyday life on a Roman frontier 14-Nov-2020
Southern, Pat, 1948- Hadrian's Wall : everyday life on a Roman frontier 15-Dec-2018
Spall, Shane The voyages of the Princess Matilda : the adventure of a lifetime-- 01-Apr-2017
Spark, Muriel A far cry from Kensington 25-Nov-2021
Spark, Muriel Aiding and abetting 25-Nov-2021
Spark, Muriel Loitering with intent 19-Apr-2019
Spark, Muriel Not to disturb 27-Apr-2019
Spark, Muriel Robinson 04-May-2019
Spark, Muriel The Mandelbaum Gate 25-Jul-2019
Spark, Muriel The ballad of Peckham Rye 11-Dec-2021
Spark, Muriel The comforters 25-Jul-2019
Spark, Muriel The observing eye : the sayings of Muriel Spark 22-Jul-2019
Stafford, Ed Adventures for a lifetime 17-Nov-2020
Stafford, Ed Adventures for a lifetime 14-Sept-2020
Stafford, Ed Walking the Amazon : 860 days : the impossible task : the incredible journey 13-Jun-2015
Stagg, Guy The crossway 06-Jul-2019
Stevens, Joanne Why do robins have red breasts? : all your wildlife questions answered 20-Aug-2020
Stewart, Chris, 1950- Last days of the bus club 08-Dec-2018
Stewart, Gabriel I went for a walk 02-Nov-2019
Stewart, Rory The places in between 21-Jan-2017
Strayed, Cheryl, 1968- Wild : a journey from lost to found 13-Jun-2015
Stross, Charles The apocalypse codex 27-May-2021
Subramanian, Samanth Following fish : travels around the Indian coast 20-May-2017
Sutherland, Gary Life cycle : a bike ride round Scotland and back to childhood 05-Mar-2016
Sweterlitsch, Thomas Tomorrow and tomorrow 05-Aug-2020
Sweterlitsch, Thomas Tomorrow and tomorrow 15-Jul-2017
Taylor, Marianne, 1972- Tracking the Highland tiger : in search of Scottish wildcats 29-Apr-2021
Thomas, Hugh, 1931- World without end : the global empire of Philip II 25-Jun-2016
Thorpe, Nick Adrift in Caledonia : boat-hitching for the unenlightened 14-Nov-2020
Trombley, Stephen Wise words : the philosophy of everyday life 29-Feb-2020
Unknown author, A fork in the road : tales of food, pleasure & discovery on the road 16-Nov-2019
Unknown author, A stingray bit my nipple : true stories from real travellers 24-Nov-2020
Unknown author, Angry people in local newspapers 28-Jun-2021
Unknown author, Dead simple 26-Jan-2019
Unknown author, Deadly pleasures : a Crime Writers' Association anthology 18-Nov-2018
Unknown author, Extreme survivors : 60 epic stories of human endurance 14-Sept-2020
Unknown author, Fringe of gold : the Fife anthology 08-Sept-2019
Unknown author, Guilty parties : a Crime Writers' Association anthology 18-Nov-2018
Unknown author, How numbers work : discover the strange and beautiful world of mathematics / 08-Oct-2020
Unknown author, Mashup! : stories inspired by famous first lines 05-Aug-2020
Unknown author, Old Inverkeithing 25-Oct-2014
Unknown author, OxTravels : meetings of remarkable travel writers 12-Dec-2015
Unknown author, The bedside guardian 2017 22-Oct-2020
Unknown author, The irresponsible traveller : tales of scrapes and narrow escapes 10-Dec-2016
Unknown author, The most amazing places on Britain's coast 19-Dec-2020
Unknown author, To oldly go : tales of intrepid travel by the over-60s 03-Mar-2019
Unknown author, Travels in Scotland, 1788-1881 : a selection from contemporary tourism journ 05-Aug-2020
Unknown author, Why are orangutans orange? : science questions in pictures - with fascinatin 15-Mar-2019
Unknown author, Wild women and their amazing adventures over land, sea and air 13-Mar-2020
Venning, Timothy The kings & queens of Scotland 12-Sept-2015
Webster, Jason, 1970- Sacred sierra : a year on a Spanish mountain 10-Dec-2016
Webster, Jason, 1970- The spy with 29 names : the story of the Second World War's most audacious d 27-May-2021
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